FuturesChain’s native token or utility token, FuturesChain Coin (FCC), is what we use to drive the token economy on FuturesChain. FCC will be circulated on FuturesCash wallet until the mainnent is deployed. It is expected that it can be used to pay part of the handling fees in the wallet.

FuturesChain’s ecosystem apps or services, whether it be marketplaces, on-chain betting, GamFi or SocialFi, will be using FCC to support different value exchange among different participants in these apps.

FuturesCash Wallet and Its Uses

FuturesCash wallet is currently the official app open for the public to participate in FuturesChain ecosystem.

Currently, we’re on a transition phase while rolling out FuturesChain testnet and mainnet. Current FuturesCash wallet’s FCC staking is built on BNB Chain, which will be eventually transitioned to the FCC when FuturesChain mainnet is deployed.

FuturesCash wallet is your pass for capturing current and future value generated on FuturesChain.

Mining Rules

FuturesChain offers three sets of basic staking/mining rules:

  • Mobile Mining
  • Contributor Leveling
  • Mining Teamwork.

Please refer to the FCC mining rules for more.